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Why Is It So Hard To Meet Men?

Women who are having trouble finding the right guy want to know why is it so hard to meet men. Below are two reasons why you haven't met Mr. Right.

Are You Sending Negative Signals

You may think all men are assertive and should be approaching women if they're interested, but most are afraid of rejection. If you're sending out negative signals it may be keeping interested men from approaching you.

You don't need to openly flirt with every guy you see, but smiling and making eye contact will help give men enough confidence to approach you. Some men are also afraid to approach women in groups. So if you're out trying to meet men with a group of friends you may be making it harder for one another.

Are You Meeting The Wrong Men?

The men you want to meet and begin a relationship with aren't always the best match for you. That may not seem like it makes sense, but a lot of women pursue or limit their options to men who aren't good boyfriends for them.

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If you decide you'll only date men who are assertive, not shy, you may be passing up the man of your dreams. It's common for women to want a feeling of excitement with the men they date, which leads many to pursue the "bad boy". It often turns out they've been labeled "bad" for a reason.

If you're dating the same type of guy with the same type of results you may want to spend some time re-evaluating your boyfriend criteria. If you want a long-term relationship, you'll need to find someone who fits into that scenario. And bad boys are rarely a good fit.

If you've been unlucky in love, try dating someone outside your definition of a perfect mate. The important thing when trying to meet men is to find someone who understands you, and can identify with your perspective.

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