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Should I Date A Co-Worker

Should I date a co-worker? What if it doesn't work out, will it become awkward in the office? There's never an easy answer and every situation has different circumstances but there is always a positive and a negative to dating a co-worker.

People often spend more time with co-workers then with their families, so it isn't uncommon or unusual for two people to develop feelings for one another.

Is The Felling Mutual

One of the more difficult situations is when you are friends with a co-worker but unsure if they'd be receptive to dating. A rejected dating proposal can create more tension and be more awkward than a failed dating experience.

At least a bad date was a mutual decision. If you approach a co-worker for a date and get rejected you will instantly feel isolated and embarrassed. Then you have to cope with all the snickering and comments from everyone else in the office.

As you already know, there are no secrets. Everyone will find out.

So what's the best angle? How do you transition from a co-worker to getting a date. The best course of action is to get a group of people out together for an outing and making an effort to connect with the person on the outing.

It takes the pressure off you, because you won't be asking for a date and they'll get an opportunity to see who you are outside of the working environment.

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A Real Bad Date

What if you both agree to go on a date and the experience is so horrible that you can't look each other in the eye. It's a possibility.

Think of the worst breakup you had. The person who's name makes your eyes squint with hatred. Now imagine having to work with this person every day.

Could you do it?

It's important to separate the idealized version of what we see on TV and in movies and accept the reality of how bad things could get. No matter how bad the date is, you'll have to see this person every day for the foreseeable future.

You can only hide and avoid each other for so long. It's going to get awkward.

So is it worth all the potential head aches? The embarrassment and potential humiliation of being rejected?

Yeah, it usually is. Finding someone you connect with is really difficult for some. If you found someone it's worth any potential problems.

Jobs never last forever anyway. You can always get another one.

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