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Meet Singles Over 40 Online

Are the dating rules different for singles over 40 when trying an online dating site?

The best advice is to filter out as many singles as you can. There's no point exchanging emails with someone only to find out they don't want to date someone over a certain age, or may not want to date someone with older children.

So how do you filter out all the youngsters that may waste your time?

With your dating profile. Most people, when they first try online dating want to cast a very wide net when it comes to singles. They think the more people I contact, and exchange information with, the more likely I am to meet someone special.

When you include EVERYONE with your online dating search, you're going to waste a lot of time meeting people that you'll end up crossing off your list anyway.

You can filter out people by being honest and direct with the information you provide. Misleading someone will only cause heartache later. If you don't want to date anyone under the age of 30, make sure you say that.

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You're not going to offend anyone, you're going to create a better and more efficient experience for yourself.

There are more people looking for singles over 40 online then you probably realize. Eliminating some people that aren't a good match for you from the very beginning, won't shrink the dating pool to the point where you won't meet anyone.

If you're single and over 40 you can use the following link to join an online dating site that was created specifically for your age group.

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