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Is My Boyfriend Breaking Up With Me?

Is my boyfriend breaking up with me? We've been fighting a lot, and we have some problems but I don't want to break up.

So how do you know if it's just a normal, tension relieving argument or one of those big fights that leads to an eventual breakup?

Constantly Arguing

When we have problems, frustrations and issues they aren't always directly addressed. That's just the way we are. Sometimes it's hard for guys to be direct and say exactly what's wrong with the relationship.

Instead, guys will vent through other problems that will seem blown way out of proportion. If your boyfriend is turning every discussion into an argument, it usually means there's something wrong and something is bothering him but he can't directly say what it is.

If you're in a heated argument about something trivial, it means there's an underlying issue that's very serious and he's using every opportunity he finds to vent those frustrations.

Spends Time Away From You

The most telling sign that your boyfriend is breaking up with you, is when he constantly finds ways to avoid time together. He either needs more time to think, or he's avoiding what he believes he needs to do which is end the relationship.

Breaking a date night that's been consistent through your relationship is not unusual. Legitimate scheduling conflicts do happen, but breaking a date night for several weeks in a row is something to be concerned with.

If you're in this stage, it's important to address the "why" he's doing it, and not focus on "what" he's doing. If he's spending most night's with his buddies, don't take out your frustrations on his time with his friends.

Focus on why he's spending time with his friends. Attacking what he's doing, instead of why he's doing it gives him one more reason to consider ending the relationship without addressing the source of the problem.

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What Can You Do?

The most important thing you can do is acknowledge there's something wrong, that something is bothering him and be receptive to his point of view. It's sounds pretty simple, right?

But if you don't agree with what's bothering him, or don't even acknowledge it's an issue then he'll feel you're dismissing his perspective which isn't what you want. In every argument, whether between friends or couples, the most important thing we want is to be understood.

Often, winning or being proven right, doesn't end the argument. It leaves tension when one person gives in. What you want to do is make sure he is aware that you understand his perspective. Not that you agree, or that he's right, but that you can see why it's bothering him.

Only then can you move forward with saving the relationship.

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