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How To Flirt With Women

Most guys know it's a fun part of the dating process for women but don't know how to flirt.

Here's a little secret: It's only flirting if the girl wants it to be. It's not up to you if you're flirting or just being creepy or pushy. So relax, be yourself and focus on the conversation.

What Not To Do

Don't bring sex or intimacy into the conversation unless the girl does it first. If she's an assertive woman than she may give you permission to cross that line. If you decide to talk about sex without her bringing it up first, she may think you're a jerk.

Pay close attention to her body language, because a lot of signals are not going to be verbal. If she's keeping her distance from you, make sure you ease up and don't pressure her. Crossing her arms, turning away from you, or avoiding eye contact are also signs that you need to build a stronger comfort level before flirting.

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If she constantly leans in to you, or places her hand on your shoulder then she's becoming more comfortable. You can return her gesture by gently touching her on the arm or the small of her back while walking to build rapport. Don't do anything that would offend her, and only try to mirror what she's comfortable with.

Are There Flirting Secrets

Eye contact and smiling are important while flirting because it will help build comfort and trust in new conversations. More than anything the woman you're with wants to feel comfortable. If she feels like she knows you, and can speak freely without being judged or criticized she'll be more likely to flirt with you.

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