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Fix Relationship Problems

How do you fix relationship problems and prevent a separation? It's important to focus on problem solving, instead of constantly pointing out the problem.

While every relationship is unique and the source of their problems have variations, most relationships that run into trouble fit into two major categories.

Financial Problems

Money problems cause never ending stress and frustration. Finance is one of the leading reasons cited among divorcees. What can you do if money is the source of your relationship problems?

As with most problems, the first step is to find a common perspective. Until you view the problem in the same light it will be difficult to find a solution. You'll need to ask yourself if the relationship is more important than your lifestyle.

Would you live in a cardboard box with your significant other? I would hope so. If you find this to be true, then take a brutal look at your spending and consider the possibility of moving down the lifestyle scale until you're in a better position.

It's also important to remain supportive of one another. Financial problems have their own roots to deal with. One person may not be able to find a job, perhaps one is spending too much, or you've run into medical costs that have eaten away your savings.

Whatever the source is of your financial problems it's important to remain supportive and help each other progress rather then tear each other down with frustration.

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Cheating And Trust Issues

Nothing destroys trust in a relationship more than cheating. It not only fractures your bond and friendship, it has the power to alter your partners view of themselves.

They become so angry, and feel so violated because it is often interpreted as a personal attack.

Why aren't I good enough? Why did they need someone else? What's wrong with me?

While the guilty party has their focus squarely on apologizing and making amends the other person is struggling with their self confidence. Once it becomes public knowledge, it adds further humiliation when you have to talk about it with friends and family.

How do you recover from cheating?

Time, patience, and a lot of talking. It goes far beyond needing to say you're sorry. You need to allow self confidence to be regained, before you can even address the issue of trust.

Couples are often able to recover through cheating one time. Any additional cheating is very, very hard to get past and overcome.

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