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Dating Tips For Shy Guys

Dates can feel awkward and uncomfortable if you sit in silence for any length of time. Below are two dating tips for shy guys.

Keep The Conversation Moving

The most important tip for shy guys is to keep the conversation moving. Being shy also means you're more comfortable when you're not talking, which isn't going to be a good experience on a date.

A girl doesn't want to sit in silence, she wants to know about you but more than anything she wants YOU to know about her. If you're shy it doesn't mean the conversation has to come to a stand still. She'll think you're the best conversationalist in the world if you can get her talking about herself.

Not only will she think you're easy to talk to, but she'll also think you're a great listener.

So how do you get a girl on a roll talking about herself? By asking open ended questions. If she asks you a question, and you answer without asking her a question at the end of your response, the conversation can come to a screeching halt.

Think of it like a tennis match. You absolutely need to keep sending questions back and forth to get more information. The more information you have, the more questions you can ask.

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Can You Get Over Being Shy?

People that are shy are only shy when they're uncomfortable or in new settings. That means you need to get comfortable with your date as quickly as possible. Don't think of your date as your future wife, or even your future girlfriend.

Focus on bonding on any level and try find a common interest that makes you more comfortable. The familiarity with the girl you're with will help you feel less shy.

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