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Dating Advice For Single Parents

The best dating advice for single parents is to be cautious and have patience with new relationships.

When Should They Meet Your Kids?

While it's important to be up front and honest about having children, introducing your children to a date should be handled more delicately. There's no need to introduce a new person into your child's life if they aren't a good match for you personally.

You also run the risk of confusing your children by the amount of new people you're dating. If you've been on a few dates, and feel comfortable with the new relationship you can then begin to spend time with all of you together.

The first encounters are the most important. Keep the time together short and fun. Avoid long trips together because it can create an awkward experience.

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How Do You Find The Right Person For Your Family?

It's not uncommon for singles to find a match personally, who don't have a strong connection with their children. It can be hard finding someone you consider "special", which makes ending the relationship very difficult.

It's always important to have a broad view of what makes you happy. Someone who makes you happy when you're out together, but doesn't get along with your children is only making you happy half the time.

You don't need your children's permission to date a specific person, but your relationships will be stronger if you are receptive to their opinion. If your children are not receptive to any of your dates, there may be deeper issues they're struggling with that needs to be addressed.

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