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Can You Fix Your Marriage

Can you fix your marriage if divorce papers have been filed? What can you do get talking again and starting solving the problems?

While filing for divorce is a serious commitment, it does't signal an absolute end to your relationship.

Divorce Papers Filed

The finality of the word "divorce" is life altering. Ending a marriage has been proven to be one of the most stressful events a person can experience.

It's a common belief that once divorce papers have been filed, the relationship has essentially ended. If both parties have agreed to the divorce, then filing papers is indeed the final step.

But if one of you is still trying to reconcile the relationship, filing divorce papers isn't a definitive end.

Human behavior is very predictable, and one behavior that has been proven with relationships is that we're more afraid of losing what we have then gaining what we don't.

We want to keep what we have, and will take great lengths to accomplish this. Your relationship is a long term commitment that your partner wants to succeed.

Right now, by filing for divorce, they're conceding that it didn't work but in their subconscious they don't want to fail. They don't want their divorce, and relationship to be a failure.

It's that need and behavior that makes saving a marriage from divorce possible. It's not uncommon for couples to file for divorce only to try to reconcile multiple times.

Nobody wants a marriage to fail.

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First Step To Fix Your Marriage

Repairing a relationship, especially a marriage, is a process and not an event. Unfortunately there isn't one magic word or phrase that can repair all the damage that has occurred.

In a perfect world, or maybe the movies, you would pour out your deepest emotions end it with a "I still love you" and you'd be back together living happily.

It works in the movies when everything is scripted, but in the real world there isn't one single conversation that reconciles a fractured relationship. It happens in multiple steps.

The absolute first step, before anything else can be accomplished, is to address your line of communication. If they aren't receptive or listening objectively in a conversation nothing will be accomplished.

They may be angry, hurt, or just frustrated with the relationship. Whatever the issue is that's halting progress, it needs to be addressed.

You need to re-align your perspective with theirs.

Often, what fuels an argument is the need to be right. While you may not want, or even need to concede that you're in the wrong it's vital to make your partner understand that you have considered their point of view.

You can dissipate a heated argument simply by saying "I get it". Telling them you understand their perspective, and can see why they're so angry or hurt is the first step to fixing your line of communication.

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