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The Best Dating Tips For Men

The best dating tips for men include paying attention to details important to women and expressing confidence.

Appearance Matters

You don't need to be the best looking guy to hold a girl's interest, but you do need to be well groomed. Most men are shocked at how the little details can derail a date.

The most commonly overlooked grooming mistakes:

  • Uncut fingernails
  • Un-trimmed Nose Hair
  • Wrinkled clothes
  • Old, tattered shoes

You may think the list above shouldn't matter, but it does. It's not about being superficial, it's about creating a positive image. When your date reflects on the night, you want her to be thinking about how funny you were. Not how dirty and disgusting your nails looked.

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It's the small details that can portray you negatively, even if you thought it was a good date.

Confidence Counts

Women are attracted to confident men. Not arrogant. They want guys with ambition and goals, not someone who constantly boasts about themselves.

Make sure you aren't sabotaging your date by sending negative messages. Avoid demeaning or saying negative comments about past girlfriends. Always stay positive and speak in a strong voice.

If your date is constantly asking, "what did you just say?" it means you're mumbling which degrades the appearance of confidence.

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